Trump Needs to Understand the Campaign at Work

The Democrats have unveiled their Fall Campaign: “Trump is not fit to be President.” Trump supporters have been thrashing about trying to understand the unusual, coordinated and seismic reaction to the Khans.


The answer is that Clinton campaigns do not lurch from moment to moment. They have a planned roll-out to build support and diminish the Republican.

While it was the Clinton campaign theme all along to demonstrate Trump is unfit, they had to wait for an opening to launch. Hillary had to wait for Trump’s first twitter storm over something silly (like Mrs. Khan not speaking at the DNC) to show how “unbalanced” he is.

The Donald happily was played like a violin and gave them their campaign kick-off in grand style. Until Trump understands that this is the Fall campaign and not some transient matter, he will be isolated from his support and pulled apart.

Think about it. The president makes a speech yesterday about Trump’s temperament from abroad? Really? Obama performed on cue not in reaction to the Khans.

Then Hollande attacked from France. Really? At this moment exactly? Look forward to other leftists rolling out against Trump because he threatens the globalist order. As for Hollande particularly, he has 90% unfavorables in France – 90%. The last head of France that had numbers like they chopped off his head. Too bad we can’t ask Louis XVI what he would think of Trump.

Next, the drip drip drip of globalist Republicans defecting has started. They will roll out one at a time making grand announcements about personally “gut-wrenching” decisions being forced to abandon their Party and to support he internationalist Hillary. There will be one or two a day until the election – planned and on cue.

They are part of a well-coordinated campaign to show-case Trump’s “diminishing” support. We know the globalists and the billions that they have at stake are active and panicked about Trumps demonstrated appeal. Did anyone really expect them to just sit on the sidelines?

The next component is the elite media. They are all in for Hillary and are not even making any pretense about neutrality. Anchors, reporters and columnists come forth to predict disaster and failure for the Trump campaign and shame anyone who supports the Republican.

Daily, Republican Party leaders will be asked (then demanded) to leave Donald because he is unfit. This. Will. Not. Stop. Period. The Republican Party needs to collectively grow a pair and push back on this tactic.

This is all culminating in separating Donald from his base of support.

The Republican faithful and any independents need to be cleaved from Donald and the media, Democrats in power and globalists will report daily about how his campaign is unravelling and his chances are nil.

In fact, the reporting will soon shift from “analysis” to out and out mockery of the tragic effort by a guy who only has his twitter account on his side and uses it to say increasingly crazy things (or that is how they will be reported).

By Election Day their plan is to have no one at the rallies leaving the Donald stripped of support and sustenance. They do not want to just beat him, they want him humiliated and support for nativism destroyed for the foreseeable future.

What can Donald do, I hear you ask? More to come later this week.

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