#NeverTrump and the Folly of Paying Attention to them

Before the convention, the #NeverTrump movement was made-up of many in the party who feared a confrontational candidate who was given to intemperate statements and was anything other than politically correct.

 Their objections raged from issues with style to a profound belief that he could never beat Hillary. 

In their opinion, he should not be nominated and they were bound by a love of the Party to do what they could to stop it.  God Bless them.  They had all of our interests at heart, however wrong I personally believe that they were. 

Most have come home and are part of the Republicans working to bring the Party victory in November.  They are good members of the Party and are interested in defeating Hillary more than anything else. 

Over the past couple of weeks, many of these people have expressed their doubts and are wavering again.  In fact, the poll numbers are already recovering as Trump's deficits last week were largely made-up of Rs leaving his support. 

As the Fall comes into view and Trump rolls out his policies like the economic positions given yesterday, the majority of these will be back and will support the ticket.  However, the #NeverTrump movement has not gone away. 

The #NeverTrump movement has shrunk from its bigger numbers in the Spring. That movement has distilled to people who make their living in DC, elected officials trying to stay elected officials and a few extreme conservative zealots who are, as a rule, never satisfied anyway. 

The time for debate is over and the Party has made its choice at the convention.  All Republicans need to come home or stop calling themselves Republicans.  Supporting the ticket is the essence of party identification and failure at this critical task should result in banishment. 

As I have said many times during this cycle, this will be a realignment election.  Many Rs will leave permanently and other Ds will come permanently.  Some of these Rs need to make the change official and stop polluting our waters. 

Trump should completely ignore them as should his campaign while the rank and file should take them on at every turn and show them up. 

The first group, the former officials is largely a collection of internationalists (and those who have affixed their wagons to internationalists) who believes that the United States us just another country and should take its place only equal to that of all others. 

Like most Republicans, I believe that America is exceptional and should be leading the world not following it into mediocrity.  This trend led by a few American and international elites of whom this first group hopes to be a part. 

Sprinkled among these are some heavy hitting consultants who have Silicon Valley and other international concerns as prime clients and they are shilling for a buck. These are well-respected people and many of whom I personally like but they have to be exposed as they are beginning to do more harm than good. 

These people actively support Hillary under the guise of simply detesting Trump.  Personally, I am not interested in Google's interests in Hillary or their shills' work to supplant their clients' wills for that of the millions of Republican voters.  I will no longer regard their opinion as that of an earnest objector or good Party member but as the Hillary supporters that they are. 

The second group is elected officials who have made the cold calculation that in their districts, opposition to Trump will get them more votes than it will lose them. 

I wish that they would see that just getting line and defending the Party nominee would net them more votes that they will lose but I am not in their shoes.  Every Party leader has had to deal with this and Trump is no exception.  W was confined to Texas elections in his re-election in 2004 because he was so unpopular - as was Obama to a lesser extent in 2012. 

This is pretty common and if it will grow the party's number of elected officials, we should have patience with these folks and let them say whatever they have to say to get elected. 

Personally, I believe that they will regret their stances in time but they should be allowed to have our support locally even though they "object" to our Party's nominee nationally. 

The last group is the ultra-conservatives likely to support a third party. 

The leaders of these conservatives are largely on-board with Trump and will not pose a threat to his election like they did in the Spring (see, Fawell, Schafley, the ACU and many others).  But some of their constituent parts like to think of themselves as smarter that the rest of us. 

They just need to be gently reminded that they are good Rs and need to support the ticket.  This should be enough for most of them.  
Trump will not get all the R votes another nominee might have gotten but he will get so many more other votes that were foreclosed to other choices for our nominee. 

Trump will attract so many "blue collar Ds," "Reagan Ds" and others who have had it with the direction of our country - a net-net positive that no other candidate could have attracted.

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