Trump and his Famous Trumpisms; a Two Edged Sword

Trump is not the natural communicator that we have come to expect in our Presidents but he does get to the heart of the matter.  His direct, urban style is challenging but honest and direct.

 In case you are living under a rock and are out of earshot of the howling media, let me recap.  At a rally in North Carolina, Donald Trump intimated in an aside from his speech that the NRA might be able to do something about Hilary picking judges that would outlaw the Second Amendment.

The press and the left went absolutely wacko charging that Trump was fomenting armed insurrection at worst and assassinating Hillary at best.  He was, of course, intimating neither but a day and a half has been consumed with us quelling our own.  This was a waste to be sure but one that will take up no more of my time.  Let me explain . . . .

Donald J. Trump is not of the practiced, well-spoken, carefully chosen word, member of the political class.  That is part of his charm and attraction for the movement advocating nationalism over internationalism.  We picked him because he was not part of the usual Washington double-speak and because he was straightforward in his speech.  He is a huge success in the business class - and in an urban environment to boot.  He speaks a clumsy urban-ese that I have no problem following as do many others.

But some have trouble following him like my trouble with Haley Barbour talk about a dog that won't hunt.  Not a problem for us, we'll work it out.  However, the media seizes on this to sow division in our ranks.  "How can anyone support this buffoon?" I hear.  I can, that's who.  I do so because he is not a buffoon and because he will make America great again and he will do away with the strangled speech habits of Washington.  You all need to answer the same way.

Look at CNN's Don Lemon's interview over this.  You'll laugh your ass off at the Clinton News Network.  They look so foolish. 'Now cut off my mic!' Bongino refuses to be bullied by Don Lemon over Trump, 2nd Amendment - HEATED!.

Absolutely no one - NO ONE - believes that he was offering an armed solution to this election.  So, where's the story - what's the hubbub bub?  Well, the story is in the media which is activing attacking Trump.  Check out Howard Kurtz article about just this.  No pretense at objectivity - they actually say Trump has to go.

Flabbergasting!  (Media justify anti-Trump bias, claim he's too 'dangerous' for normal rules)

As a Republican, I am long used to a liberal bias but one that they were disposed to try to hide.  Not this election.  The press makes the strong argument that they are attacking Trump because he will be dangerous - that they are acting in our behalf showing him up to an electorate that cannot be allowed to make its own decisions without the lies and biases of the elite media.  These are the guys you are feeding when you go gaga over the latest innocuous Trumpism. 

If Trump were a practiced politician, these remarks would be unacceptable - absolutely.  But he is not and we should not hold him to that standard - it is indicative of nothing in the mouth of a businessman.

The Second Amendment blast was the worst that the media can do and we should respond with good humor and a polite question or two like:  "Why did the DOJ scotch the Clinton Foundation investigation?"  Or, "What happened to the actually dead DNC staffer who leaked the e-mails to Wikileaks?"  Or, "How's Hillary's health these days?"  Or, anything else that is actually substantive in this election.

(These were from just yesterday!).  We're gonna win!

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