Trump Delivers Barnburner in West Bend

Donald J. Trump pivoted Tuesday in the Milwaukee Suburb delivering a stem-winder speech on law and order, minority strife and "the Movement."  His campaign has started in earnest today.

 Following an announcement 1) that he will start airing commercials this weekend and beyond; 2) that he is using a teleprompter; and, 3) that he is making major policy speeches rather than rally cheerleading, Donald Trump has finally pivoted towards the general election whether he calls it that or not. 

The change that we all have been anticipating is at hand.  Further, I can enthusiastically state that his team in on track if last night's speech is the fare we will be dining on for the next few months.  Like many Americans, I am at the table, knife and fork in hand, hungry for this message. 

He actually made a direct appeal for African American votes while laying out the case that they have been taken for granted by the Democrats for too long.  He actually asked for their votes in so many words.  I cannot remember a Republican ever doing that directly. 

It was amazing and, personally, I want to be on the same side of the fence as our African American brothers and sisters.  Trump is offering a way to be there. 

He has wisely observed that his candidacy is to serve the people and to lead "the movement."  This blog has urged this nuance and I am glad that it is in evidence so prominently.  It is humility on display and is genuine.  This is really appealing to everyone. 

He spoke of a "future built on our common American values."  A future built not on the failing concept of diversity which makes us different and keeps us apart but, instead, built on that which joins us in success and prosperity. 

This is the theme that will quell racial tempers, not Black Lives Matter.  We are all Americans and are alike so much more than we differ.  We share a heritage and Trump knows this and is talking about it. 

It is so un-Republican and I love it. 

He is running against the establishment - Republican and Democratic and THIS WILL GET HIM ELECTED.  "I wear their opposition as a badge of honor," Trump stated as he talked about "Peaceful Regime Change here in this country."  Wooo Hooo!

The Ds know something is in the wind.  Always watch what the "Chicago Guys" do.  They were screaming today (led by President Obama) that the election is not over and that the Ds need to remain vigilant.  This is not just good advice.  Ordinarily, Ds pad the lead and do not question it. 

Understanding that you do not speak "Chicago-ese," let me explain.  They have an internal polling trend with Hillary's post-convention bounce ending and Trump on the rise.  In fact, Democratic pollster Zogby polled overnight Clinton +2.  It is moving toward a dead heat. 

You'll see full-fledged panic over there by the end of September because they will have spent hundreds of millions to no avail. 

If Mr. Trump keeps giving appearances like this, we're gonna win - no sweat!

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