Trump’s Rise in Popularity

Donald Trump has put together the right team for capturing the White House this fall.  He is polling better and has struck a tone that exudes confidence, capacity and that certain presidential something.

Hillary, on the other hand, is hiding from press conferences, taking long weekends, passing on public rallies and general keeping out of the public eye.  Either she thinks that she has it in the bag (no) or she has decided to approach this election in the way that all bureaucracies insist their candidate do – hiding behind mountains of cash and organization.  

Remember the Politburo candidates in Soviet Russia?  It was made up of one aging hack after another.  I remembering the running joke that Brezhnev was actually dead and they just stood him up in Red Square for parades.  Remind you of anyone currently?  

The parallels are surprisingly similar right down the failing economy with lots of positive hype and outright lies, the captured and obedient media and a growing bureaucracy fighting for its life at the expense of a fair election.  

The federal government has grown to such a size that it is no longer a neutral bystander in elections.  It is an active player and a destructive one.  Whether it is the DOJ and investigations hobbled by the White House or the IRS attacking GOP players in the election.  The Administration has moved from serving the people to self-preservation mode.  

The Administration is not alone in this.  It could be charged that the Federal Judiciary has crossed over from liberal activism to actually becoming Democratic Party operatives at crucial moments.  

This is a frightening trend because the unelected that make-up the Administration and the Judiciary are completely beyond our ability to affect.  We have no veto over them and they have figured out that they do not act in any way responsible to the electorate anymore.  

Whether it is working for or against either Party, a bureaucracy protected by the press and working a political agenda of its own is a genuine threat to the Republic and must be strangled.  The unelected must be stopped.  

Our only hold on them is the guy that hires them – the President.  Congress could wield great control and power over all of this but they have moved into perpetual re-election mode and have no time to legislate anymore.  No, our only hope is to elect a President who will take ahold of this situation.    

Trumps’ attacks on Hillary, the failed policies of the current Administration, the Washington Insiders and the Press can be distilled to one theme.  Washington has come to life in the sense that it works its own self-preservation agenda and it must be stopped.  

We did not nominate a Bush to grow the bureaucracy while just taming it to elect Republicans.  We nominated Trump to kill the bureaucracy.

He is charged with eliminating its sense of itself and its striving for self-preservation at the expense of the people.  
This is part of his charm.  In his campaign speeches it is unsaid and not emphasized but present in every major theme of his campaign.  Washington is the enemy.  

Believe me, the Washingtonians get it and that is why every stop is being pulled to defeat him.  We have to work extra hard this election because of the size and scope of forces being arrayed against us.  

It is not just the Ds – they are just the beneficiaries of the deal that they have made to show obedience to the powers that be.  
The Establishment Rs were willing to sign that contract too but we stopped them in the primaries.  Now we have to stop all of them in the General.  

We can do it – we will win!

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