Trump is No Longer in Defensive Mode

The Trump team is at last able to take the lead in this campaign cycle and is now defining the narrative.  This has not been the case since the convention but Trump is on the offensive now.

 In cahoots with the Clinton campaign, the elite media has made every effort to cripple the Trump campaign with endless negative stories. As a result, for the last month or so, the Trump campaign has been forced into a defensive bunker, reeling from one media storm after another.  No more.  

Trump has offered a new narrative, new for any recent national Republican candidate anyway – race politics.  Mr. Trump is actively seeking the support of African American voters – not the African American Community per se – but the African American voters themselves.  

He is not courting “leaders” of the African American Community nor is he seeking the approval of loud-mouthed groups purporting to speak for African Americans.  Trump’s campaign is going directly to the people and their pastors asking for their support.  

His level of required support for victory is so low that he can’t help but to make it if he has the right approach.  He doesn’t need to win the African American vote – or even do pretty well.  He can be clobbered 75/25 or even 80/20 and still change the outcomes in the swing states in his favor.  

Furthermore these African Americans are in cities – really big cities – wooo frigntening!  Ordinarily, Republicans never go to these “scary” bastions filled with Machine Democrats.  They are too physical and too vocally hostile for their lazy comfort zones to absorb.  

But Mr. Trump shows great moral courage and sound judgement by taking his campaign to the Democrats’ weakest spot – their abject failures to manage cities and their shameful neglect of the people in them.  

I am delighted that it is finally dawning on a Republican candidate to move his campaign in this direction.  For too long the plutocrats and their donors and their suburban-born, twenty and thirty-something, know-it-all campaign “experts” have warned against this tack.  

I have advocated it for years and I am so excited that it is finally happening.  

Cities have long been regarded as their strongest place but not now.  Cities are the Democrats’ Achilles heel – their weakest place.  Taking the campaign to the enemy in their most vulnerable space is “Campaigning 101” and is about time we took this approach!  

If the Trumplicans are reading this, I implore you to go to the South and West Sides of Chicago and appeal to the people there who are hurting, angry and alone.  Tie Rahm Emmanuel (the most hated man in Illinois since John Wilkes Booth) to Hillary.  Not hard.  Not complicated.  In fact, it’s rather obvious.  

Once that is done – Illinois moves into play in November.  If Mr. Trump can persuade 20% of the African Americans in Illinois to vote Republican like their great-grandparents did, he will carry the state.  And if he takes 20% of the urban dwelling African Americans in Illinois, other states will follow.  

This effort will help him in Philadelphia, Detroit, Charlotte, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Richmond, Cleveland and many other old-line urban centers in swing states.  The strategy is brilliant, innovative and will absolutely rock the Ds up and down their ticket.  

Also this week, Rudy Giuliani gave us a preview of Mr. Trump’s debate plans.  His debate strategy will be articulate, unconventional, successful and almost certainly entertaining.  I am looking forward to them.

This line of attack will be a success because the “non-campaigning” Hillary has her feet in cement.  Her campaign (which is doing almost all of her work for her) is not nimble nor is it capable of innovative thinking.  It is hide-bound, stuck in the rut of the successes of past Democratic campaigns.  This is a hard habit to break but a habit that will kill them this time out.  

To date, she has spent hundreds of millions in advertising and received hundreds of millions more in positive publicity provided by the elite media.  Her campaign has marched right down the line with the early “crippling negative” playbook – predictable and stale.  

Trump will continue to hold his fire until after Labor Day when he will come out spending like we hoped he would.  His campaign works with him (not in the place of the candidate) and this contrasts his dynamism with her lethargy.  

In fact, polling suggests that her campaign is at a high water mark and is starting to slip.  

In a field where she has had every single imaginable advantage, she is only marginally ahead in the polls and that lead is shrinking weekly.  Trump is in a pretty good spot and it is getting better.  

With his team on the attack and currently holding the initiative, he will be able to shape the narrative for the foreseeable future.  
Having taken all she can hand out over the last few weeks and weathered it reasonably well, he will be marching to victory when his campaign fully takes the field in a week or so.  

Remember, right now according to the latest Pew poll, he is polling more states in his column here in August than Romney won in November and has a higher percentage of African American likely votes than any Republican candidate has won in a generation.  It is only up from here!

Take heart!  We’re gonna win!!

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