Trump has Overcome the #NeverTrump Fools

Mr. Trump is pulling even and more in the latest polls.  He is providing a comprehensive and very appealing platform.  He’s gonna win – and the #NeverTrump people are just hating it.

The #NeverTrump internationalists have been fairly quiet lately.  Could they be sensing that they are soon to be on the losing end of their bet?  Or, are they having buyers’ remorse with Hillary?  Perhaps, but I really think that they are finally realizing that the Republican Party and our country can be run without them and they are having trouble processing that fact.    
Recently, former World Bank President and penultimate Bushie Paul Dundes Wolfowitz announced that he will be backing Hillary.  My only reaction was, “How do we put that into a commercial?”  
While serving at the Pentagon during the Iraq War as a Deputy Secretary of Defense, this “architect of the Iraq War” famously could not correctly enumerate the number of casualties in the Iraq war while testifying to Congress – he couldn’t even get it to the nearest hundred!   

He is the poster-boy for sublime indifference to the plight of “little people” and contempt for the ordinary American – like soldiers.  

Well, Paul, the little people are up on their hind legs and telling you what-for and, you just have to take it.  I think that is what the Bushies and the other “silk stocking” Rs really hate about Trump – the fact that they are not leading the party (or the country) anymore and others can do it better than they did.

They have no control and people who are wholly unworthy (in their estimation) have made this a fact.  

National leadership is not theirs by right but entrusted to them by our consent and, this time around, we are withholding that consent because they did a terrible job.  They resented Reagan and his populist appeal and detest Trump for the same reason.  You see, populism is not obedience – and they hate that.  

Another of my favorite #NeverTrunp-ers is Daniel K. Webb.  He is a prominent Chicago lawyer having served in the 1980’s as the US Attorney with several famous prosecutions under his belt.  He now heads one of the mega-law firms in Chicago, Winston and Strawn.  He is tied hand and foot to the old-line republic-crats in Chicago that have enabled the Ds year in and year out for reasons of their own interests.  

Winston has more than a few ties to city and county contracts.  Led by Rahm Emmanuel, I am sure that the local government powers that be have informed him whom to support in the coming election.  

This could almost be forgiven in the one-party dictatorship that is Chicago but he foolishly took it a step further.  He announced that Trump failed his “grandkid test.”  

Webb explained that if he could not explain his support for a candidate to his grandkids, then he couldn’t support that candidate.  In Webb’s eyes, Trump had disqualified himself by objecting to the judge in the Trump University matter.  

Webb then went on to find Penny Pritzker (the D member of the Hyatt Hotel Pritzkers and current Secretary of Commerce).  Through her he donated 75K to Hillary and started lawyers for Hillary in Chicago.  I am sure that his considerable influence has to not gone to waste in this effort.  

I would like Webb the Former Federal Prosecutor, to explain to me or anyone how his support for Hillary passes the “grandkids test.”  
Maybe his head is really in the sand and he actually believes that she is as pure as the driven snow.  If that is true, I wonder what kind of a prosecutor he really was.  

Or, maybe he can explain to his grandkids how shilling for even a “pure and clean” candidate only to protect his firm’s contracts and business dealings is the kind of thing that you would want your grandkids to know either.  

The #NeverTrump folks have differing reasons to be on the wrong side of history but they all share the same trait – they are all people who once enjoyed the perks of power and are in the process of being replaced and they really just can’t stand it.

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