Trump Appeals to Younger African Americans

Trump Appeals to Younger African AmericansFinally there is a Republican Nominee who will prioritize appealing to all Americans instead of trying to win by milking every single vote out of a diminishing demographic.  This is the kind of color blind America that we have been looking for so long.

While the “geniuses” at the RNC have all but ignored the racial minority communities in this country year in and year out, Trump is prioritizing their support as a goal of his campaign and a pillar of his victory.  

Further, he is not treating the African American Community as monolith as so many others do.  Instead he appeals to them in their constituent parts with understanding (as so few Republicans do) that Black men and Black women prioritize different things differently just as White men and White women differ.  

Trump’s appeal goes to the youth vote in the African American Community – especially men.  His message to African American men is one of jobs, the excitement of self-reliance and the dignity of work as opposed to the soul-sucking humiliation of a government handout that they know so well and hate so profoundly.  

In a community of upwards of 30% unemployment, the message of a “hand-up” is better received than the “hand-outs” the Democrats promise.  It is working.  

I have attached a URL here of some quick interviews with mostly young black men about Trump.  It is both humorous and exciting.  Enjoy.  (Black Trump supporters called 'racist', 'Uncle Tom' speak out. A call for unity).

The Democrats are more than a little upset with Trump hitting them in their Achilles’ Heel.  In fact, they are losing it entirely.  The Ds know that this is a place that Trump could make inroads for himself and eventually for the Republican Party as a whole.  Such movement could be permanent and the Ds know it.  

They have hauled out every attack on this tactic that they have.  Hillary ran an ad calling Trump a racist.  Her surrogates are also calling him racist at every turn.  Her African American surrogates are all but apoplectic as it is their job to “deliver the black vote” and they are meeting resistance for the first time in generations.  

Last, the media refuses to show him in a good light while he is on this outreach.  Take Reuters, for example.  They were charged with taking the video for all of the media outlets at Trump’s highly successful interview and Sunday prayer service with Rev. Jackson in Detroit.  

The Director can be heard losing it when Rev. Jackson gives Mr. Trump a prayer shawl.  He commands the camera man to terminate the feed.  
In turn, the Cameraman bravely refuses while observing that he could be demoted for not terminating.  He goes on for a few seconds over the vocal objections of all involved.  

It is kind of fun to hear then getting more and more fevered in their desire to terminate the feed before Trump gets filmed getting congratulatory remarks from Rev. Jackson and a standing ovation. (WATCH: Reuters Cuts Video Feed of Favorable Trump Appearance in Detroit Church).

Their bias is appalling.  

As Mr. Trump continues his appeal to African Americans – especially young, African American men, he will meet with success.  If he rises significantly over Romney’s numbers among African American voters, he will win the election easily.  Obama won in ’08 by five million votes and had the support of ten million African American Voters.  

If Trump could pull even one million of these votes, they will have a disproportionate effect as they are in places like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Virginia.  Even Illinois could be in play if an appreciable percentage of African American voters will support Mr. Trump.  

Twenty percent would do it and whatever the media screams in a panic about ridiculous percentages like 0-2 percent support, Trump is getting closer to that number daily.  Rasmussen has polled Mr. Trump’s non-white support already in excess of Romney’s support on his Election Day.  

Twenty percent is a huge number but it is a good goal and the fact that Trump is even trying to get there is a testament to the fact that he really wants to be President of all Americans.  

Trump is on the right road and the Ds know it.  

We’re gonna win!

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