Trump Militates to Victory

On Wednesday evening, Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton each held a forum on National Security.  Each had strong and weak moments.  On balance, Mr. Trump’s 19 point lead among veterans was vindicated.

 Hillary essentially answered each and every question in the same way: “Barack and I did a great job, all is well but I will improve on our successful record (and Trump is an idiot).”  

Mr. Trump similarly answered each question in the same way too: “The system is completely broken, we need wholesale change and only I can be an agent for that change (and Hillary is a liar – about everything).”  

This is why Mr. Trump wins, he was closer to the truth.  

Hillary actually stood there and with a straight face said that the VA problems were somewhat exaggerated and that while we need to be better in certain areas, it really isn’t that bad now.  

Trump offered his website plan for specifics part of which would be that rather than having vets die waiting for care, we would allow them to get their own health care and we would back-stop payments while preserving the VA system.  

Hillary touted that she has more generals in her corner than any modern D and that Trump’s generals were only so-so generals.  Wow.  If it were not for Obama firing most of the decent generals and promoting political yes-men (and women) who should never be anywhere near general stars, Hillary would not be in “general officer fat city.”  The #NeverTrump Bushies helped that number too.  She can have them all!

The media helped Hillary before the forum by attacking the generals on Trump’s list as aged, tainted and of no consequence.  Wow.  That CNN poll putting Trump up by two has them panicking.  Thought that the press was neutral?   – guess again!

When Hillary defended Iraq and Libya, she not only failed to persuade but to make any sense.  She offered explanations that only her most ardent supporters would swallow.  Then she compounded her problem by announcing that she will take American military intervention in Iraq completely off of the table.  

Yet, somehow we are going to defeat ISIS – maybe with lethal rainbows and warm good wishes put forward by our “oh so competent” surrogates in theater.  

Mr. Trump deferred to the Pentagon military chiefs (which he says are not very good anyway) to provide a plan.  Maybe he’ll do a little firing before asking the Pentagon for a plan.  I hope so.  

However bad it might be, I would rather have a military plan to use the military than a political plan to use the military with handcuffs like “no military.”  Confused?  So am I but Clintons generally have that effect on me.  

All in all it was a Mr. Trump win.  Now, I will tune into the elite media and hear how Hillary totally mopped the floor with him.  

Ain’t it great?  We’re gonna win!

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