Trump is Going Great but Victory is not ours – Yet

Mr. Trump has had a great few weeks and Hillary has had a terrible few weeks.  This has put Mr. Trump in a position to move solidly into the lead soon as he definitely has the “Big Mo” on his side.

However, we are not there yet and it is not necessarily inevitable that we will get there.  We all need to keep working harder and not relax – especially our leader.  I believe that we will do it but that is if we all stay on track.  

Mr. Trump has to be vigilant against what we call in the political biz, “unforced errors.”  Mr. Trump has come close to being burned by an unforced error in recent days but his excellent team has helped to save the day from really bad results.  

The “birther” issue was raised as a trap and Mr. Trump stepped into it.  When asked by a reporter about the issue, Mr. Trump intimated that there was more to the story and that he would have something to say one day about it.  

He was being convivial with a reporter because things were going well in the campaign and he could afford to be a little generous and take a risk.  He got burned and it was a big issue instantly.  All of his work in the African American Community was immediately at stake and this could have been bad – really bad.  

But his team stepped in, held a presser, baited and switched the issues, crammed the press with military endorsements and put the issue to bed.  They even turned it on Hillary – an AWESOME save (but a close call just the same).  

Then the Second Amendment comment about Hillary’s security detail was unrehearsed and came out clumsy.  No one on the planet believes that Mr. Trump wants anything bad like gunfire to befall Hillary but his words left that impression.  

Words have meaning and our leader needs to be careful.  But, these lessons are hard won by being learned in mistakes and our “new candidate,” Donald Trump, is learning quickly and successfully.  

Mr. Trump needs to get back on message and back on the teleprompter.  This is not a punishment nor is it some special rule for him.  This is true of all candidates, everywhere.  

Mr. Trump needs to drive his message without the distractions of unforced errors and sidebar comments that suck the air out of any room.   The teleprompter is the best way to enforce that discipline in every single candidate on the planet – including candidates for President of the United States.  

We cannot let our guard down and take victory for granted.  It is at this time that Mr. Trump is most vulnerable and we have to all support and help him stay on message and inside of the margins of prepared speeches.  There is absolutely nothing instinctive about campaigning – it is a learned skill that requires practice to be good at it.  

The terrorist attacks over the weekend should give him lots of opportunities to show his compassion and to reflect our common outrage – especially in his home town of New York.  

The attacks should also provide plenty of opportunities to talk about the feckless actions of the Obama Administration, the endless and meaningless calls for restraint by Hillary and the constant desire to spread the message that there is nothing to see here and we should all move along.  

I tell you what; maybe Mr. Obama is actually doing something worthwhile against terrorism.  One of the bombs in New York was found by a homeless person foraging in a garbage can.  Maybe if the economy was better, that bomb might have gone undetected.  Score one for the Obama economy!

In reality they are whistling past the graveyard and the American people are tired of the sham.  We are ready to be led against this permanent threat and we are looking for decisive action.  Mr. Trump is that guy and I know this week we will hear lots about a better plan for dealing with domestic terrorism.    

We’re gonna win – sooooo big.

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