Trump is the Only Candidate who Understands that this is a Realignment Election

Donald J. Trump will prevail in November because only he understands that this is a realignment election.  Hillary is fighting the last war and will lose badly.

He has often stated that he is the leader of a movement.  In the mouths of candidates past, those words are symbolic at best.  They would speak of the same tired sides of the debate taking on “movement” proportions.  Almost always they were exaggerating – even in this limited sense of the phrase.  

Mr. Trump is speaking of an actual movement.  He is leading Americans who are against internationalism, unbridled immigration and are working to forestall a complete eclipse of all things that are uniquely American.  

Trump’s side is made up of Republicans of ordinary station and many Democrats who have had enough.  These Democrats will be coming over permanently.  

Hillary is actually dumfounded by this.  Speaking in front of labor leaders in Las Vegas yesterday, she actually posed the question of why she is not 50 points up.  She answered her own question by stating that Trump supporters are just poorly informed people who are upset with the way things are going but are not taking the time to understand that their candidate is bad news.  

She urged her supporters to take their favorite Trump supporter aside and perform an intervention – believing that all we need is good information and then we will drop Trump like a bad habit.  In fact, I hope her supporters come on in earnest and try to convert us.  We will convert them!  The more that she sends the stronger we will be.  

She really doesn’t get it.  We picked Trump – not the other way around.  

The movement is against all things that the Washington elite hold dear; against the current order led by Republocrats like the Clintons, the Bushes and their legions of Washingtonian minions.  They will permanently join together (if they haven’t done so already).  

However, they will be outnumbered by Americans who do not share their taste for a bland and gray future of conformity, submission and perpetual gratitude for their enlightened leadership.  

We want an end to this and will have it.  

Instead of mounting an ideological counter argument, Hillary is blithely unaware that she is in an ideological battle at all.  Because of this fact she will be destroyed in November.  

Restating the tenets of the movement, Mr. Trump makes a positive case for electing him.  A rare thing in American politics but he has affirmatively stated what he wants to do once in office.  

Hillary cannot make such a statement.  I cannot think of one affirmative thing that she promises to do other than more of the same – but tweaked a little.  60%+ of Americans believe we are on the wrong track.  This is not a winning strategy.  There is no affirmative case for President Hillary Clinton.  

A year ago, it would have been logical to believe that the Republican nominee would have run on a platform of “Not Hillary.” Conversely the Democrat, so well experienced and capable, would be running on a platform of innovative and exciting ideas.  
Instead and unbelievably, we have the reverse.  Trump is the man of ideas lent to him by the movement and Hillary is the candidate of “No.”  

While there will be bumps and a few more twists and turns along the way, the movement will triumph over the status quo and the mandated new alignment will govern successfully.  

We are so gonna win!

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