Trump Regains the Initiative after a Great Debate Performance by Mike Pence

The personification of “Midwest Nice” gave the GOP ticket new life after Tuesday’s outstanding debate performance.  Not only did Pence brilliantly make a positive case for the GOP retaking the White House but he defended the ticket and landed a few punches of his own.

Pence’s performance had several positive aspects:

First, the Washingtonian Never-Trump-ers will find it hard to snub Pence with the same “not worthy” arguments made time and again against Trump.  I believe that as Team Trump regains its footing in the national polls starting this weekend and in the individual state polls next week, the Never-Trump-ers will finally come aboard with Mike Pence on their lips.  

Second, Pence mounted a credible and effective defense against the attacks on Trump that the nominee has not adequately rebutted himself.  Pence effectively presented believable, thoughtful, capable and understandable counters to the Democrat’s charges.  He really boosted the ticket.  

Third, Pence left the voter with the impression that there is an adult in the room.  In much the way that the unproven and inexperienced W had to have the help and heft of Dick Cheney sixteen years ago, Mike Pence lends such cache to a similarly politically inexperienced Trump today for the same reason and in the same way.  

Fourth, he gave the ticket and Team Trump a win that it desperately needed at this exact moment which will: 1) stop the polling slide; 2) restore order in the campaign which was beginning to swing wildly; 3) give Mr. Trump a moment to breathe to get ready for the second debate on Sunday; and, 4) give the home team a reason to cheer and to take on Hillary’s people in the wards and precincts all over this country.
Last and unlike Senator Kaine, Governor Pence demonstrated that he would be able do the job if called upon to do so.  The Republic will would be safe in his hands, God preserve us from such circumstances.  
It was a great night for all of us and Mike Pence’s future as a Republican star is assured.
Now, for Sunday.  

I have blogged several times so far on what Mr. Trump needs to do.  All that is required is some self-discipline, study, calm answers, an occasional jab and a smile or two.  I believe that his bar is low and Mr. Trump should clear it easily with a good performance.  With a great performance, he will put the campaign on a footing for an upward swing from which Hillary will not be able to recover.  

An old and good friend of mine wrote that he is lighting a candle for Mr. Trump and for the campaign.  I am doing the same.  All of you out there should check-in with your own personal God and get his head in the game for us.  

You know that the Almighty likes us to ask for his help – especially if we are not in the habit.  Knowing the number of real sinners on this list, I feel confident in saying that if we say the prayers, I know He will be listening more closely and with greater attention than more pious petitioners could ordinarily command.  

We are soooooo gonna win!!

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