Trump makes Lemonade out of Lemons

OK, I am a cheerleader.  I am a Trumplikin.  I am all for the Republican ticket.  I am biased.  Having said all of that let me say that with no equivocation, he crushed her Sunday night.

I knew we were in possible “tied game” territory when Megyn Kelly panned the debate as just nasty and without any real progress.  When Mark Shields said that it had no substance and was a waste of time I dared to think that he had actually covered the spread.  But when the seemingly endless parade of #NeverTrump-ers on Fox squealed with horror about Trump bringing-up Bill Clinton’s behavior, I knew we were over the top.  

The campaign turned the corner of the audio tape problem and reset itself tonight – and the media doesn’t know what to do.  This was not part of the plan.  Megyn Kelly is apoplectic and I love it.  

The #NeverTrump-ers just have now to understand something that they have avoided until now.  However much they (and I too) may want a philosopher king or living saint to be elected, that is not in the mix.  So let’s move on and talk about the possible instead of the ideal.  

On November 9th (my birthday btw – feel free to send this impoverished scribe gifts hahahaha), we will be looking back at the election.  A legion of Democrats or Republicans will be swarming DC to take the reins of government.  Irrespective of whom the new President-elect is, that team will be running our government.  

Do you want that team to be Republican or Democrat?  There really is no question about what the right answer is.  The Democrats will not only be dedicated liberals looking to build on their predecessors at EPA, HHS, DoD, State, EoP et al, but they will also be there to increase the corruption to the Clintons directly.  No one need imagine that anything other than that will happen – it will – it is the Chicago way.  

On the other side, Trump will install many new faces and many real conservatives along with many old hand Rs in this town.  It will be a stable, familiar and effective government working with Congress.  

I think that with this in the balance, we need to get over some nasty, reprehensible and uncalled-for locker-room blather over a decade old.  We need to stop piously posing for holy pictures and admit that we all have watched the Kardashian sex tape, occasionally listen to Howard Stern and have peeked at internet porn.  That is the world that we live in.  Like you, I would like it to be better - BUT IT ISN’T.  

Actions speak louder than words and we need to put the words aside – horrendous as they are.
We are hiring a President – a Chief Executive.  Like all large organizations, the United States needs different leaders at different times.  A liberal friend of mind once observed that the conservative-liberal cycle in government is good because the conservatives conserve the money for the liberals to later liberate.  There is something to this funny line.  It shows that there is a need for different leaders at different times.  

The leader that we need now is the kind of guy who can radically shrink government, not just say but yell “you’re fired” all day long and right the ship of state which is sinking by any measure you want to use.  This kind of guy is going to necessarily be out of the ordinary and different and will not be the archetypical R candidate.  This is a good thing which we need to embrace (in the main) not run from.  

Such a guy will not have lived a perfect life and will have MAJOR flaws but he is exactly the kind of guy we need now.  Embrace the candidacy, squirm at the uncomfortable parts to be sure, but embrace the party’s nominee because the voters have wisely chosen the kind of CEO we need now.  

For decades the Ds have stood behind Bill and Hill – irrespective of the horrors that they have inflicted on everyone that they hate.  Not because they are haters themselves but because they understand that that legion of Ds running the government transcends the “foibles” of any candidate or office holder – even the President.  We should drink from that cup and do so quickly.  

End the division and elect Trump.  It is about the movement not the man – and it always has been.  

We are sooooooo gonna win!

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