Trump Campaign – Here’s What We Can Do

A good friend of mine in a swing state called this week and told me that we need an article about what we, The Deplorables, should be doing to help.  It is a great idea so here it is.

On any battlefield (and make no mistake we are at war in this “campaign”), fear, demoralization and hopeless is not only highly infectious but it is fatal to the cause.  If you feel a need to express your hopelessness, don’t.  Keep it to yourself until the feeling passes – because it will.  This is the most up-and-down campaign ever and, day-to-day, no one knows where this is going.  

When you run into a friend who is just ‘having a weak moment’ and vents frustration and doom, give him some good news that you just heard or the benefit of your thinking.  He is probably just trying to get that out of you anyway.

Be of good cheer to your friends and optimistic to strangers.  Know we will win and cheerfully say so.  If you are worried about people thinking that you are not being honest, circumspect or even smart, tough.  Do it anyway.  

A projection of strength and confidence will have three effects: first, you will bolster sympathizers who will thank you; second, you will help others to “come out of the closet” and voice their support; and, third, you will demoralize the folks supporting her – all good things.  Believe me; they are doing this to you and laughing about it.  

Next, talk about the campaign with people around you.  Proselytize the faith.  It is important to keep turn-out up and to correct the record.  Mostly, this practice will help you keep your spirits up during the “fog of war” and you might learn a thing or two that you did not know.  Few things make you feel better about your convictions more than someone agreeing with you and, even better, occasionally converting another.  

Walk a precinct, stuff an envelope, answer the phones or march in a parade.  Volunteer!  It will leave you with a feeling that in a small way you are controlling the situation.  You will feel muuuuuch better if you take a morning or two of your time and donate it.
Write a check.  You can abhor Citizens’ United decision, but, if you do not donate then you are abdicating the job of funding elections to others.  This can be really hard.  Personally, I had to borrow a small amount of money to send.  It is important to do so.  Even small donations are essential to any campaign.  Believe me I know.  In my political life I learned a lot about small donations (hahahaha).  

Last here are a few points about recent polling and other potpourri which might give you something to talk about:

Hillary’s numbers are unusually static.  In defiance of all logic and understanding, Hillary rarely moves above 45% or below 43%.  It is astoundingly consistent.
Even when the poll is extreme (like this week’s Fox poll – Hillary +7) she is only at 45%.  It is Donald’s movement that is dynamic.  His movement is largely caused by #NeverTrunp-ers and genuine independents moving from “Trump” to “Undecided” to “Johnson” and back again.  Where they will end up is anyone’s guess but it is interesting and good news that they NEVER jump to Hillary.  Worry if you begin to see Hillary regularly north of 46.  There is no evidence of anything like this as of yet.  

In the Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll, this pattern is broken, Trump is up 2 but Hillary’s movement down to 41 is the main reason (as opposed to a big jump in Trump’s numbers).  The other tracking poll, LA Times, shows the race tied and Hillary in her usual slot.  

State polling is looking pretty better today but not great yet – that is somewhat to be expected.  These polls lag 5-10 days behind the national polls and tend to be college and local news polls rather than professional polling houses.  
Further, only now are the revelations of last week being processed through the state polling.  By Monday, even the polling in the states should embrace the audio revelations, the debate and even some of the WikiLeaks stuff.
We still hold an excitement edge that is crippling to the “He’s done” narrative.  There is no excitement developing for her at all.  How many Hillary bumper stickers have you seen?  Remember Obama?  Now that was a campaign with enthusiasm.  It looks nothing like Hillary’s campaign.  This is ket to “TURNOUT.”  

The mainstream media does several minutes a night about Trump’s end.  When was the last time you had a campaign that is an “assured winner” (like Hillary’s campaign is said to be) and not covered at all?  Was Romney’s loss covered like this?  Not a chance.  It was all Obama all the time.  

The reason is that the media is attempting to shape the narrative that Trump is done.  To do this they have to say so over and over and over again.  Also, they cannot talk about the WikiLeaks stuff at all, so Clinton is not covered much.
Because of Clinton’s static numbers, her only chance to win is to shrinking the electorate to a point that her static voters make-up a portion larger enough to win.  If she can keep 10% of the electorate home, her 43% becomes much larger (even though the actual number of her voters are the same) and she wins.  That is the reason for the all Trump attacks all the time.  Sleaze is the only way she can get critical mass on her numbers.  

If the Trumplikins stay energized and the #NeverTrumpers come home to even a modest extent, we win.  

All signs point to a TOUGH campaign for the next three and a half weeks but we are in the hunt and I still believe that . . .

We are gonna win!

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