Trump’s Third Debate Win – The First Small, the Second Huge and the Third Cleverly

Even Brit Hume, spokesman for #NeverTrump along with Krauthammer, admitted that his was Trump’s strongest debate performance – but – he tarnished that performance by not promising to accept the loss that the Ds are trying to rig.

  Rig – that’s right I said rig.  The news is full of election corruption.  Project Veritas says that Bob Creamer, husband of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and leader of the People for the American Way is ready to continue his 50 year history of rigging elections in Chicago and elsewhere.  

Other D minions are only too glad to brag about how they are doing it and where the money comes from to get it done.  The FEC says 4 million dead and unqualified are on the rolls right now.  Pew states that 2.75 million voters are registered in more than one state in order to vote twice.  State after state is exposing cases of voter fraud in the thousands.  The Courts have been politicized against any form of ID to be requited at the polls.  

. . . and Barak Obama has mentioned that Trump is wrong about this, twice.  Always watch when the machine Ds complain about the other side.  It is almost always an admission that they are doing it themselves and need to distract the viewer with something shiny.  

I do not know if the election is rigged or not but I do say this: It is about time that ballot security and election methods and integrity are part of the national campaign and discussion.  Donald Trump has just put it front and center and the left is losing it.  They cannot have this discussion so it needs to be squelched – fast.  They’ll do it with Brit, Charles and others who will condemn him openly and forcefully without really thinking about what they are doing.
The Ds and their apologists on the right will howl about how we must go meekly into that good night because preserving the peaceful transfer of power is more important than exposing corrupt practices and challenging cheats.  Do they say this in other countries?  Never – only here.  

Trump did not promise insurrection nor did he offer that he would not accept the decision; he merely said that he will withhold judgement until the results are in and we see how fair it was – win or lose.  This is not unreasonable in this climate.  

Hillary almost blew a gasket when he offered this answer.  Her first offering was that Donald accused the FBI of rigging her outcome in the e-mail scandal!  Well, they did rig it! and that is coming out more plainly daily!  

She then went on to catalog a bunch of times when Trump called “rigged.”  Sadly, she was unable to mention a single instance where he did not accept the results in the end as he will in the coming election – win or lose.  Gore challenged the results and Eisenhower implored Nixon to do the same.  Gore and Nixon eventually accepted the results and so will Trump.  

Mike Pence has said so, the RNC says so, Trump’s family says so – because it is so.  No insurrection in the near future – sorry but the revolution has been called off.  

However, a long hard look at the practices of the Ds and their behavior in elections would be a spread of sunshine that would be more than welcome it would disinfect the Ds and their criminal practices in elections.  If Trump makes this happen by being coy with his answer, that’s OK with me.  

We are soooooo, gonna win.

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