Trump’s End Game Will Bring Success

With a combination of meaty issues, media buys, events and some WikiLeaks to explain the polling horrors, Camp Trump has a path forward that will bring success.  It all depends on turnout.  It always has.

Hillary’s campaign all along has been to portray Trump as both incapable and someone for whom you would not admit voting.  In this way, she hopes to co-opt the #NeverTrumpers to her side and to discourage the other Rs from turning out in Yuuuuge numbers at all.   

It is an essential part of her campaign to portray an air of inevitability that will permeate all aspects of the news and the polling until Election Day and one in which you would be ashamed to say that you are for Trump.  As of now, it is kind of working and we must push back – HARD.  

This assumed victory by all of the “smart” people has an effect to turn out D voters and depress R voters.  Ds love a rout and show up for a good piling-on and, conversely, Rs often run from a fight.  Sad but true.  Look at Charles Krauthammer this weekend talking about his write-in for Albert Schweitzer – what a goof ball.  

The Networks (and the polling that they vomit up) are in the bag for Hillary.  Sadly for them, WikiLeaks has produced a Podesta e-mail which talks of the media being in bed with the campaign and how they will generate positive polling for Hillary.  (Click here: New Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples").  

This weekend, the crazy polling began in earnest.  Three, separate tracking polls (Rasmussen, LATimes and IBD) all put the race at a dead heat or Trump ahead.  Then ABC announces its tracking poll debut putting Hillary up by 12!  I am sure CBS, NBC CNN, MSNBC and others in the elite media and their fellow travelers in some of the colleges will follow this week with their own “rigged” polls.  

In that ABC poll, the Ds were over polled by 9 points (36 D to 27 R) which the pollster explains by increased excitement among Ds and depressed excitement among Rs.  It is a bald assertion (as we say in the legal biz), meaning that there are no facts to back it up other than their mere say so.  It looks just like the polls predicted by the Podesta e-mails (see, above).  

The real hit that the media are using to defeat the Deplorables is that we are no longer excited nor are we going to vote.  The media types, on cue, are talking endlessly about how depressed the Trumplikins are and how they are going to bolt.  How early voting is all Ds (and Rs voting D) and that the election is actually over – we just have to wait a couple of weeks to make it official.  


Trump has a big media plan for the final weeks.  (Click here: Trump's Conway says campaign to spend more on ads in closing weeks, 'not giving up').  Also this weekend, Trump announced his first 100 day plan.  (Click here: In Gettysburg, Trump outlines agenda for first 100 days).  His rallies are bigger than ever.  (Click here: A Comparison of Trump’s and Hillary’s Crowds).  

Hillary hopes to be the only voice in the room over the next few weeks.  She will spew – loudly – Trump hate speech, lying polls and talk of mandate and a Congressional co-opting of epic proportions all through the elite media totally in the bag for her.  

My advice to beat back the media narrative: 1) turn the set off; 2) Stop living in the web news; and, 3) try to keep your spirits up by calling everyone you know and getting them to the polls.  It is hard when everyone tells you that you are losing but it only becomes true if you believe it.  Don’t!

Also we should do some proactive things like: 1) calling fellow Trumplikins and keeping all of our spirits up during the onslaught; 2) physically help the campaign were you can; 3) VOTE; and, 4) write a check if you can.  I wrote another check today.  Nothing huge like “Romney money” but a few hundred which will help with the ad buys.  

Also to this list, I am going to make it part of my business to convert at least five #NeverTrumpers before Election Day.  

You should all do the same.  If we turn-in an R vote which is at or near 90% for Trump, he will win.  Period.  She cannot match that number and it will be enough to win the election.  That’s the margin – the #NeverTrumpers.  Let’s bring them over (along with Republican Women too).  

So, Fellow Deplorables, if we do our work . . .

We are soooooo gonna win!

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