Trump’s Campaign is Moving Up According to Real Numbers

After months of taking a beating at the hands of the mainstream media and their polling hacks, the Trump campaign finally has the ability to count real numbers reported in early voting.  The news is pretty good – not great – but pretty good.

Minority voting is down across the board (at least where early partisan reporting takes place) and Trump is expected to do better than Romney did four years ago among minority voters.  This is a double-whammy for Clinton hopes.  First, she will be counting fewer minorities to bolster her numbers and, second, of those actually voting, more will be crossing over for Trump than did for Romney.  

Some projections say that Trump may pull a fifty year high in African American support for a Republican candidate.  If this is true, Clinton is done – period.  Personally, I hope that we win this way.  There is nothing that would give me greater joy than voting with African Americans for the future of our country.  

Trump is winning the early voting in Florida, Nevada, Iowa, Georgia, Ohio and Missouri.  All good news but the margins are not enough to guarantee victory there.  Better to lead than not but these states are nowhere near “in the bag” yet.
She is reporting higher numbers of Ds than Rs in North Carolina and Arizona.  We need both of these states and we gotta pick it up there.  She is also sporting higher numbers of D votes in Virginia, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.  

Some solace we can take is that there will be ZERO R crossovers to her but a few percentage points of D crossovers to Trump.  Rs may abandon Trump for a write-in or for Johnson but not to her.  Also the independent vote is up across the board and many think that these votes are more for Trump than for her.  We’ll see.  

Usually, early voting kills us so to be even in the mix or ahead in many states is a big deal.  Early voting also takes some of the interest away from the rigged polling Clinton enjoys.  

Speaking of rigged media polls, if you all remember eight years ago, Obama enjoyed a ‘hope and change’ enthusiasm that I do not remember in any other campaign in recent times.  You could not walk twenty feet outside of your house without seeing an Obama yard sign, tee-shirt, sweater, hat, bumper sticker, button or other indicia.  It was amazing (and frightening for Rs) to see.  

There is none of that this time for her – none of it!  I live in D central – Washington DC – and I haven’t seen any of it anywhere.  

Obama won in ’08 by about 7 points.  ABC would have us to believe that she is doing 5 points better than Obama did in ‘08!  NOT POSSIBLE.  Period.  It is not just bad polling; it is a lie and should be rejected as such.  Just ignore all media polls – I am.  

The media polling is yesterday’s news and the early voting counts will be the touchstone of election predictions from here on out.  As the news of Clinton’s inadequacies in supporters showing up is reported, Robbie Mook will panic as will the campaign generally.  

I hope that the Republican Party and Trump Central are ready for the busses and busses of vote fraud brigades.  They are coming and loaded for bear.  

Believe me, we are soooooo gonna win!

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