Trump Inside of Two Week Potpourri

There is a lot to cover so here is another quick coverage blog entry.


    Frank Luntz (America’s favorite “adult” pollster sporting a Prince Valiant haircut) had an extended interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo news doing some major league trashing of Team Trump as well as DJT personally.  He observed that Stevie Wonder used a teleprompter better than Trump did.  Harharhar -NOT.  It’s pretty silly of Frank to do a #NeverTrump victory lap before the election.  Maybe he should have “focused-grouped” the interview first and let the dials tell him what to do.  

    Earlier this week, Karl Rove announced that Trump was done and we should all concentrate on the Senate Races.  Then, today, he said that if Trump could produce five million hidden votes he might have a chance.  So Karl, let me understand this, if Trump can produce enough votes he can win.  Well, duh – quite an insight.  Tell me, people really paid you?  

    Former Secretary of State GEN Colin Powell made a big deal out of announcing that he is crossing over and voting for Hillary.  After three consecutive elections voting for the “other party” it is no longer considered “crossing over.”  Now, it is called “expected.”  


    Checking the raw data at RCP, we are up in almost all polls over the past five days or so (except, of course, for irredeemably corrupt major media polls where we continue to get a smaller voter share than John Anderson in 1980 did).  Even the Fox poll (Clinton +3) is better than a week ago (Clinton +7) and still way over samples D.  It is going better and better.  

    The state polling is falling into line and we are now seen as competitive (as we always have been).   Hillary is unhappy.  The Trump numbers are rising across the board – absolutely everywhere – not just in key states.  

    Hillary’s numbers have not moved an iota in recent weeks.  Trump is closing the delta (the difference between Hillary and him.  This is based solely on both “Johnson” votes and the undecided going to Trump.  I have always maintained that these votes were never anything other than Trump votes disguising themselves to avoid the media bashing.  Now, close to the election, they are coming home.  The honest polling (what little of it there is) will continue to rise through the next week and the Trump bandwagon effect will be in full swing by Election Day.  

    Early voting continues to goes well and we are where we need to be to win across the board.  But make no mistake – WE ALL NEED TO VOTE and bring out everyone we can.  

African Americans:

    There is a lot (and I mean A LOT) of anecdotal data supporting the possibility that the African American Community will be helping Trump in numbers no Republican has seen in years and years.  It is so unprecedented that I am reluctant to talk about it by naming names but the data is mounting and becoming inescapably true.  Dare we hope?  

    In response:  1) Hillary has upped her sighting with prominent Blacks including Michele Obama;  2) She has also pulled the President out and put him to work big-time; 3) Colin Powell’s announcement got unusually high visibility in its coverage; and, 4) Hillary’s campaign has started the media meme that Trump is trying to “suppress the vote” – a coded term to signal that Black voters should avoid Trump.  How he is “suppressing the vote” is unknown and unexplained but the bald assertion is all that is necessary this cycle for Team Hillary to get the media to repeat it as true.  

    Also: 1) Trump is talking about African Americans during the closing arguments of his campaign (usually reserved for core supporters to get out the vote) – very unusual for a Republican; and, 2) Trump published the African American “New Deal” again, during closing arguments.    

In all, things are going in the right direction.  We are working hard and need to continue to do so.  If we do not quit and we work hard until the very end . . .

. . . we are sooooooo gonna win!!

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