Trump is on the Path to Victory

Mr. Trump is on the Path to Victory and nearing the end.  To anyone who knows the Democratic Machine, it is obvious that there is utter panic in Hillary-land and among her supporters.

I spent twenty minutes watching MSBC just to see the mix of fury, invective, disbelief, poorly-stifled panic, mutual reassurances about the flawed polling and “the big blue wall” and the sweat – lots and lots of sweat – buckets of sweat.
Chris Matthews looks like a veritable fountain.  I never enjoyed MSNBC so much – and never will again (the channel is now blocked forever on my system).  

I have not been watching much “news” TV in the last two months or so.  I could not afford the brain cells nor could I deal with the dismal predictions, the nauseating self-congratulatory air and lies.  I just had to tune it out.
But, now as we are winning – actually, only just now being seen to be winning because we were actually winning all along – I thought that I would tune into Fox’s evening line-up to see what’s what.  

First there was the Megyn Kelly and the soft D supporter hour.  It was filled with lots of insignificant fluff and hints of back-peddling.  She will not be getting her $20 mil – at least not from Rupert and, it appears, not from anyone else.  Maybe she will just go away and take the memory of “Kelly’s Court” with her.  Yeah, I have been watching her for a while.  Ugh.
Then there was Brit Hume and the #NeverTrump hour.  He had no bad polling to report as fact so he went to the panel of Bill Kristol et al early.  Bill suggested that if Trump would commit to just one term, he might be able to back him and so would other #NeverTrump-ers thus giving him the election.  You see, Trump cannot be elected without Kristol in Kristol-topia.  

They really ought to film that hour with dream sequence soft camera lenses and harp music.  It was surreal (and sad) to listen to Bill Kristol and Byron York intone knowledgeably that the “vulgarians” were at the gate and still, somehow, need them.  

Then there was O’Reilly – restating the obvious a day after it happened as if it was his own personal insight.  There is nothing to see here unless you enjoy 60 minutes of O’Reilly on O’Reilly about O’Reilly.  Still, he was inoffensive to the cause and we should be grateful for that.  

Then there was Hannity – heroic as always but at the top of his voice; interrupting supporters to make lists, lists and more lists.  He has great guests and I watched Newt, Rudy and Kellyanne with a great group of other Trumplikins.  It is an hour of soul refreshment, however frenetic it is.  He must be sleeping better these days and he has earned the right to.  

As promised here is my “hat report.”

I wore my red hat in the neighborhood yesterday and I will again today and each day until Election Day.  I received not a remark, not a word from normal people.  My only altercation was with a bicyclist.  If you know me and my daily walks, you know that I attack bicyclists on the sidewalks.
In DC, for reasons that are beyond all understanding, bicyclists are legal (though not encouraged) on the sidewalks.  At rush hour it is positively dangerous to be out on the sidewalk as the young, self-important, helmeted idiots pedal at top speed home – ON THE SIDEWALK.
I consider them lower than Chicago ward-healers and more dangerous than carriers of the Ebola virus so I yell at them, regularly (I am becoming a caricature of a cranky old man).  

The big lib (wearing all of the special bike gear including pads the ridiculous pants) took offense to me generally and my hat specifically.  I told him that he was a dangerous loser as was his politics.  He sped off after an exchange of choice expletives.  I enjoyed it, he didn’t.  Winning is fun.  

We are going to win.
There, I said it with conviction, plain and matter-of-fact.  It is true.  However, notice that I say this in the future tense.  There is still soooooooo much to do and we haven’t won yet.  

Have you helped a #NeverTrumper come over today?  . . . a Republican woman?  . . . a minority pal or co-worker?  . . . a bicyclist?  This is how this election will be won – not like how Rs usually win national elections (few though they are), with an endless series of self-involved, personal decisions made alone in the dark staring at our wallet or a copy of the Constitution.  

No, this election will be won with group conviction and plenty of love and attention for everyone, by everyone.  We are a single nation and we all share in its struggles and successes.  The days of the stark divisions borne of “diversity” and “safe spaces” are ending and we need to be ready to embrace our brothers and sisters as our countrymen.  Let’s start with getting them to join us now, not later.  

Get to work!  We have only six days left to rack up numbers that will bury the Ds for years!  

We are sooooo gonna win!

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