Trump is going to Roll-Up the States Tomorrow

The Information is coming in from around the country and it is all good.  Mr. Trump is on a roll and Team Trump is turning out numbers like never before.  In total vote, this may be the best R showing at the polls ever.

Let’s have a look around the nation quickly:

Florida and North Carolina are all in.  She had a great turnout the first week of early voting which worried everyone and then it tapered off.  As of today, we are ahead of all 2012 numbers in North Carolina and in Florida we are just plain ahead.  
We will stay that way until Tuesday where we will turn-in yuuuuuge numbers.  She has cannibalized her Election Day turnout just to keep pace.  Absent massive vote fraud, Florida and North Carolina are very close and Hillary has been done in Ohio for a while.  

In the Purple Swing States:

We are doing great in Iowa and acceptably in Nevada and Colorado.  In fact in Colorado as of Sunday evening, more Rs have turned-in their mail-in ballots than the Ds have.  Virginia is dicey but doable (the ads here are non-stop for the first time this campaign and that is good news for us!).  New Hampshire is reliable as is the First District in Maine. A conservative count of these gets us close to or right at 270.  

In the blue swing states:  Pennsylvania is feeling great and we are looking forward to a great turnout on Tuesday.  In the Upper Midwest (Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota) there is nothing but continued good news.  

Our good friend, Pete Hoekstra is in Michigan with the Campaign.  He will soon be sending pics of him with Ted Nugent at huge rallies in SE Michigan on Sunday.  He is feeling very good as is the campaign about Michigan.  

Our good friend Gil Gutknecht tells us of Trump being way up in the D stronghold of the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota.  Barring massive vote fraud in Minneapolis, that should bring Minnesota into the “Red Sea” as Gil called it.  

Wisconsin remains the province of Walker, Ryan and Priebus.  You can believe that everything that can be done is being done there.  I am optimistic.  Hillary had a huge ad buy there this past week and it wasn’t to help the down ballot, I assure you!

Our hard working Trump State Coordinator and good friend Stephanie Holderfield continues to feel good about Illinois – as do I.  On Sunday, it was reported by my city spies that the hobo vote (bums, winos and derelicts that get fed and then spend the day voting) are all over the Chicagoland area doing their early voting thing.  

The reason that I tell you that the bums out for Hillary in Chicago is a good thing is because these busses were in Florida four years ago and in Iowa and Wisconsin the time before.  The fact that they are still in Illinois tells me that they are scared and are keeping their most reliable fraud locally to make sure of that vote.  It may be enough to save Illinois for Hillary, but does make Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan a little cleaner – and more for Trump.  

The polls show us with a lead in Rhode Island on Sunday.  If that is real, look for Connecticut and New Jersey to be close or wins for us.  Also if the wave is so strong and if the Bernie voters are actually sitting it out (which is how it looks now), look to the Pacific Northwest for some close votes as well.  

The African American vote is down 10-20% in key areas.  What is left is running between 10-20% Trump!  I am reluctant to be more precise or to say anymore because this is the best news possible and I am having a hard time taking it in.  To be able to vote with African Americans about the future of our country is the best of all possible worlds and I am so happy about it.  

Latinos are up in Florida but many think that this is the Haitian and Cuban vote turning out for Trump not for Clinton as she is bragging.  Her vaunted turnout machine may be breaking the cardinal rule of turn-out efforts – never drive the other guy’s votes to the polls.
Now about Election Day:

Our friend Printus Leblanc here in DC offers two insights which are very important.  

1) “Vote. – do not take it for granted, VOTE!; and, 2) Don't believe the exit polls. Thanks to WikiLeaks, we have seen the collusion between the major news networks and the Democratic Party.  Many of us of been saying this for years, but it's nice to have proof now. You can expect early Tuesday the network to start showing exit polls favoring Hillary Clinton. By doing this, the networks hope to affect those that have not voted in the Central, Mountain and Pacific Time zones – do not be taken in.”  

Beware of Election Day violence.  Do not tempt or taunt the Ds.  They do not take losses well and can be expected to behave badly.  Do not get in the way of that train.  Just vote, smile and get ready for the next several years of good times and making America Great Again!

Personally, after voting and getting my traditional Election Day haircut, I will head for the Newsmax studios here in DC where I will be sporadically on and off the air with our good friend JD Hayworth all evening and night until Midnight.  I expect a big night and a victory for us.  

My blog on Wednesday might be late.  But I know you will forgive me.  

We are soooooo gonna win.

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