Trump Wins

Short and sweet today dear friends, readers and Trumplikins – We were sooooo gonna win and we did.  President-Elect Donald J. Trump led the movement to victory.

We are all victors today as we move to a better place in our country’s long and successful history.  The “Divider-in-Chief” is leaving office a near total failure and we have only one direction to go.
The movement and the coming policies supporting the movement will:

    1) reject globalism and embrace a generous nativism;  

    2) reject state-ism and will embrace a uniquely American form of individualism while caring for those who still need our measured intervention in their lives;

    3) reject government over-reach and will embrace limited power and scope of our “big brother;”

    4) reject authority-enforced paternal attitudes about how we act, think and speak and will embrace candor, free-thought and broad expression;

    5) reject the divisions in our country, created and enforced to guarantee electoral victories and will embrace one nation for all; and,

    6) reject the segregation of city dwellers from the Republican body politic and will embrace bringing such good people into our coalition permanently.
We are going to succeed.  The movement, DJT (and I) will not have it any other way.  

We soooooo won.

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