Trump Election and Democratic Vote Fraud

Now that the election is over, we all have a tendency to forgive and forget.  We must resist this at least as it applies to wanton transgression of our laws – especially those involving our election laws.



President-Elect Trump announced late on Sunday that he would not be seeking a Special Prosecutor for Secretary Clinton and that they are “good people.”  OK, not a big campaign promise and I can live with this but it is a mistake.  These snakes are taking advantage of his better nature – SNAKES WHICH WILL NOT GO AWAY as Mr. Trump thinks that they will or already have.  

Paul Ryan announced that there will be no vigorous enforcement of our immigration laws as they apply to people already here (no deportation police – as he put it).  Another mistake.  Let the courts apply clemency – even liberally – but enforce the law.  This while digesting that possibly three million votes in the U.S. presidential election were cast by illegal aliens, according to Greg Phillips of the organization.

Voting fraud is the worst of these lawless moments to ignore and we must vigorously attack it where it is and where it is being perpetrated.  

Whether it was planeload after planeload of Puerto Rican natives being flown to Florida to vote and then back again; busloads and busloads of derelicts voting all over the place taking advantage of early voting and same-day registration; or, the kind of retail fraud perpetrated by zealot voters and judges alike bent on getting D candidates elected (voting at multiple addresses – sometimes in multiple states, voting dead relatives, voting by absentee than again on election day hoping to fall through the cracks etc etc etc), we must resist and help prosecute.
It is exhausting to get enough votes in to overwhelm the Ds, their shills in the media, their endless lies, Hollywood, Wall Street and substantial vote fraud to boot.  

Take Chicago, for example - an 800K vote margin in the city!  Hillary got more votes than almost anyone in the history of national politics in Chicago.  Of the 2,069 Chicago precincts (about 1400 people/750 voters each on average) here are a few tidbits:  

  •     There were 5 precincts where Trump got no votes at all;
  •     There were 14 precincts were he got only 1 vote;
  •     There were precincts almost too numerous to count where he got fewer than 5 votes; and,
  •     Trump carried less than 3% overall in predominantly African American precincts.

Pew Research estimates that Trump got 13% of the African American vote nation-wide.  Others arrive at a slightly smaller number but everyone has Trump way ahead of Romney’s percentage.  Trump did much better among African Americans north of the Mason-Dixon Line than in the South – averaging to 13% according to Pew.  

In Chicago, Secretary Clinton got more African American votes and a higher percentage of the African American vote than Mayor Harold Washington did in his historic first run for mayor!  It simply is not possible that Mrs. Clinton got more votes in the African American community than Chicago’s first elected African American mayor did.  

California now says it has 4 million votes yet to tally.  One has to ask about what is going there.
This is far too an important issue to allow to just pass.  It gets worse and worse each election and soon the problem will be insurmountable.  

We must curtail early voting to only “for cause” voters.  There must be ID cards – a free, national one if necessary.  Same-day registrations have to be eliminated and motor-voter must be repealed or overridden by new, federal law.  The machines themselves have to be under greater scrutiny and control by honest brokers in the region – not the elected political hacks (of either party).  

For too long, my fellow Chicagoans and other Americans have taken vote fraud as a joke – even a source of perverse pride.  It has to stop locally and nationwide.  The Trump Administration should lead the way.

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