The Left and its BIIIIIIG problems

The Democrats were simply destroyed in the recent elections.  It is much worse than the media lets on.  The Left has to start a rebuild that is of epic proportions.

Some fun facts:

  • Republicans control the Presidency, the House and the Senate.  
  • Republicans control appointments to the Supreme Court and those appointments will dominate the Third Branch for decades to come.
  •  Thirty-one states have a Republican governor.
  •  Twenty-five states have a Republic Governor and a Republican Legislature (Democrats have six such states).  
  •  Republicans have at least one state house in forty-four states legislatures.  
  •  Since President Obama’s election eight years ago, Republicans have picked-up more than nine hundred (yes, 900!) seats in the ninety-nine state houses across the country – there has been a net Republican gain in eighty-five of them.
  •  In the 2018 elections, twenty-five of the thirty-three Senators up for election are Democrats and many of these seats are in red states – some in ruby red states like Indiana and West Virginia.  
  •  If you exclude California and New York City from the popular vote, Trump won the popular vote by more than four million votes.  It’s kind of a silly fact but it does show how bi-costal the Democrats actually are.  (If you exclude the vote fraud, Trump won by Reagan proportions).  
  •  White working-class voters have abandoned the Democratic Party all but permanently – millions having formally changed their party registration.  

What is the answer to these problems by the Democratic National Committee? I hear you ask.  It is to further enhance their liberal credentials instead of trying to retrench to attract the white working class back to the fold.   
The have chosen Chuck Schumer to lead them in the Senate, they are about renew Nancy Pelosi’s tenure in the House and, unbelievably, they are about to install the black Archie Bunker as the Chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison.  

I can imagine no bigger blow to the credentials of the DNC than to embrace a guy who thinks that white privilege is not only real but provides evidence that all white people are themselves bigots.  This hater is a Godsend to a growing Republican Party and will send us to new heights – maybe even unprecedented control.  

The aging hippies in charge of the Democratic Party are delighted with this choice.  It is the last brick in the wall of their self-loathing which manifests itself in a common belief that most white people are indeed haters (except for themselves – of course).  

Look to Mrs. Clinton’s “Deplorables” comments (recently repeated and used by Ellison).  That was not an off-the-cuff remark but she read it from a teleprompter.  It was part of a prepared speech and is a devout belief by the Left (and most #NeverTrump-ers btw) of the white people in this country.  

Look to the media slavishly and endlessly repeating how the Democrats won the voters with a college degree and Trump won the others.  They are saying (without actually saying it) that the rubes who are driven by their fear and stupidity elected a dope (anyone hear an Obama echo of “God and guns?”).
On the other hand, here is what I see.  The people forced to endure four+ years of indoctrination laughably called “higher education” voted as programmed.  Everyone else got to listen to issues and make-up their own mind – overwhelming voting Team Trump.  

In fact, the programmed voters are the ones immaturely protesting in disbelief and have absolutely no understanding of what happened.  It wasn’t part of the plan (or their programming).  They are having a collective “this does not compute” moment.  It would be funny if it were not so tragic.  

The DNC is on a self-destruct path and I am loving it.  Calling Trump and his supporters “Deplorable” for the next four years will lead to a landslide reelection that . . .  

. . . we are sooooo gonna win!

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