Race Relations Need to Be Re-Examined, Re-Vamped and Re-Started

This is the first of several postings on race relations in America.  I was so affected by the brutality of the kidnapping/torture in Chicago this past week that I needed to write about it.

We all need to focus on this incident because it is symptomatic of an ugly trend erupting in our young – a fatal development to our society if left unchecked.

Race relations in the United States needs: new leadership from non-liberals; new strategies offered by people affected; and, an entire re-start.  The systems adopted by the liberals to combat racism in the ‘60’s have utterly failed.  Even the sad bromides of “jobs, poverty and training programs” have shed all real meaning and are just a PC quote to one appear to be informed and caring.  

Further, liberals who have encountered resistance to their strategies have applied the title of “racist” to those opposing them.  Thus, they have “owned” the field for decades.  

What we do need is to exclude their failed leadership once and for all and erect new structures to develop a new point of view built from respect, better understanding and a generous heart.  

This week in Chicago, four African American young adults kidnapped a special-needs teen and held him for days torturing him and broadcasting their heinous acts.  This is the last act in a year of incredible hate and near-complete breakdown of the race relations in America.  

While calling the act “despicable,” President Obama also stated that race relations are improving all over.  He offered as “proof” for this statement that the young are better than the old in these matters.

He also offered that a few decades ago, the majority white City Council of Chicago reflexively resisted the city’s first African-American mayor.  He maintained that this was worse than the four young adults (three of them teenagers) kidnapping, beating, knifing and torturing a special needs teen over a period of days – certainly a government-centric viewpoint at its most ridiculous.  

While the President is arguably delusional, we can observe from his comments that the liberals have no answers – they never did.  They merely state that things are better and that is that – take it from them, they know.  Well, they don’t.  

I am fifty-four years old, a Chicago native who grew-up in a German-Irish parish and a product of the values system of parishes in the city at that time – now long dead being that they require non-PC value judgements to work properly.  I am not as old as some but older than most and I am telling you that over the course of my lifetime, race relations have ebbed and flowed but they have never been worse than they are right now.  

Part One - The Liberal Bequeath

The liberals have set-up a paradigm that the sin of bigotry is really evident only in words and if we would just have our speech controlled all would be fine.  The PC culture was thusly born and we all donned a speech straight jacket so as not to offend anyone at all, ever.  

One of the ridiculous hallmarks of this governing attitude is the existence of “hate crimes.”  The concept is that physically beating someone from a protected class is per se worse than beating someone from a non-protected class.  The touchstone for deciding whether or not any particular crime might be a hate crime is the language surrounding the act.  Words will be punished severely.  Consequently, even in the commission of crimes, words are usually subducted – even by thugs.  If pressed effectively, they’ll cop to the murder but not to the possible hate crime.

And, parenthetically, this language requirement is not limited to the subject of race (although not usually punished as hate crimes – yet).  The requirement extends to political differences, social norms or cultural frictions as well.  Only peaceful and harmonious words are allowed.  No judgements or statements of right and wrong or assertions of good and bad will be allowed.  Only a bland tolerance for all views is permissible – however out of line, alien, patently offensive or just plain nuts they are.  

We will all live in a space of total, outward and strictly-enforced acceptance.  And, as night follows day (so goes the desperate prayer), a similar, genuine attitude will naturally follow.  Voilà, Utopia.  

Enter the internet.  

Instead, we have graduated from a select few people feeling free to use racial epithets openly (and being generally shunned for it) to everyone using them privately and smiling warmly in public.  A destructive combination brought to us by the internet has afforded us a sharp decline in actual human interaction coupled with an equally sharp rise in disembodied (even anonymous) communication.  

We have bred a population of cowardly bigots who daily reinforce the supposed reasons for their problems privately while they are forced to adhere to PC rules when in the presence of each other publicly.  We have created a nation of private haters and afforded them all of the tools for their self-involved hate to grow and mature.    

With the proliferation of single-viewpoint news and opinion sources, we can read only that which enforces our views daily.  By these sources, are told that we are both: 1) always in the right; and, 2) that we are victims of the ignorant.  Resentment follows from this misinformation and naturally matures into a private hate.  That hate is often racial.  

These young people in Chicago just weren’t old enough to have the personal tools to keep their hate otherwise private.  They were more honest in their behavior than the losers that informed them that they are perennial victims of white people; Trump; or, whatever hate is being offered to them.  

I live in Southwest DC.  I live directly across from public housing and my neighborhood was almost entirely African American when I bought a home here sixteen years ago.  It is a little more integrated now but it is still overwhelmingly African American.  

We have lived together fairly comfortably.  We shop together, go to church together, wait for the train together and generally live as neighbors.  I take a ninety minute walk through our neighborhood every day for some exercise.  

I see a lot on my walk which could fill pages and pages but I will stick to topic here.  My own brushes with overt racism have been very few and almost exclusively limited to being occasionally “attacked” by little kids who, in groups, have a neighborhood custom of throwing large, oak acorns at passing white people.  Oak trees grow everywhere here and this ritual is surprisingly common during the few weeks of the year when the acorns ripen and fall to the ground.  

This annual ritual is accompanied with the usual hateful things said but they are so young and incompetent haters that it couldn’t be called anything more than irritating.  It is not even entirely clear that they understand the full impact of what they are saying.  In fact, when I turn a step towards them they laugh and run like kids do.  The rest of the year this behavior goes back underground.  

Occasionally, an adult African American sees this and yells at the kids and they stop (it doesn’t matter when I yell).  Happily, that has happened more than once.  Kids are kids and I am no victim here but this kind of attitude is learned at home, in many homes, all over, in all neighborhoods – not just African American homes in SW DC.  

The press gives wide coverage to white kids, often in college, similarly doing something stupid or saying something stupid about race.  We have all seen it.  Again, it is an instance where the inculcated attitude isn’t yet accompanied by the expert use of PC language in their lives.  There is not usually any criminal activity here, but the act will result in public humiliation just the same at the hands of the left’s PC enforcers – the elite media.  

This is the epitome of the liberal construct.  The apex of successful race relations is an overwhelming outward acceptance of all people and no backsliding will be tolerated.  Sadly, the price for this enforced tolerance is a differing private attitude.  In reality, these private attitudes are not reflections of sunlight and love that the PC outward voices are; they are manicured and nurtured negative attitudes wearing a PC straight-jacket so that they erupt only occasionally – but with ever larger claws and fangs.  

These negative attitudes create self-imposed attitudinal ghettos to reinforce a sense of common suffering and to support victimhood all of which accompanies a public discourse full of approved phrases and language – a classic example of form over substance.  

This is a failed system (however well-intended it was when it had been adopted) and we need better terms, acceptance and solutions.  I will have a few suggestions next time.

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