Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is a complex and inter-connected collection of Cabinet Departments, Executive Agencies, and Administrations.

 They all implement the laws of the United States and oversee programs and initiatives created by Congress under their constitutional authority to do so.

Although created by Congress (and with the notable exception of the actual Office of the President and Executive Offices of the United States), most of the entities that make up the Executive Branch are under the direct control of the President and his Administration.

Thus, when dealing with "the Administration," success depends upon the ability to influence both Congress, which funds and charters the relevant agency or cabinet-level Department, and the Executive Branch which controls and directs the department and agencies placed under it by Congress.

The experts of Flanagan Consulting LLC understand, and daily help our clients to productively navigate, the byzantine inter-relationships and organizational structures (both official and unofficial) that truly animate any Presidential Administration and the vast Executive Branch complex beneath it.

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